Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The benefits of Re keying Locks for Your Home or Business!

One of the best services that Penn Locksmith has to offer is the re-key of any lock. When compared with changing an entire lock set, re-keying makes for a much more economical choice which, in some cases, can achieve the same goal that changing your entire lock can. Both home and business owners can see great benefits from having their locks re-keyed by one of Penn Locksmith’s professionals and with 24 hour availability they are able to assist you at the time which is most convenient for you.
A re-key is the process of our locksmith adjusting the pins inside of the tumbler so that the key way is activated by a complete different key. The result of this is two fold, one is that all of the previous keys which worked on the lock are now ineffective, and second, you will have a new unique key. For home owners having a re-key completed is the perfect idea when you have just moved into a new home and do not want anyone who may have previously had a key access your home. Homeowners may also be interested in this service if they have recently had a roommate or other tenant move out. At about half the price of having your entire lock changed, a re-key is the much more economical choice, but still achieves the same goal that ensures the security of your home. If you have lost all copies of the key to your home, a re-key is also a great choice, since the main reason for having the re-key completed is not due to the failure of the lock.

Business owners can also see great benefits from having their locks re keyed and in many scenarios that are like that of a homeowner. Any business which recently had employee turnover would be a great candidate for re-key to ensure that no former employees will have the same access they did while they were working there. Another re-keying service that can be beneficial to business owners is having a master key system installed. What a master key system entails is our commercial locksmith setting the pins inside of your locks through the location in a way that allows for an easy delegation of access. This means that a business owner can use one key to open every lock at their business, while still being able to provide a different key to employees that only offers a certain level of access. This is perfect for the business owner who may have lower level employees locking the store at night, or opening in the morning.
Whether for home or business, re-key is an extremely efficient and effective service to have completed. In the case that your lock is becoming faulty, does not properly fit or is low security, a re-key would not be a good choice of service for you. However if your locks function perfectly now and you only wish to change the key that can engage that lock, then re-key is perfect service choice for you.


  1. I wish I could have known that you could re-key your locks back when I switched out two of my garage locks. After reading this I believe that re-keying your locks is a much more economical choice, especially when it achieves the same goal if you were to change your whole lock. Next time I need something done with my locks I'm going to get them re-keyed instead of switching them out for new ones.

  2. I think it would be a smart idea for me to get a new lock for my home. I want to make sure that it is as secure as it can be. I don't want to take any risks and have the possibility of someone breaking in.

  3. That is totally a smart idea. Don't keep the same lock for a long time.

    John from Mr Locksmith Whistler

  4. Yes it is, plus if folks really like the hardware they have, they do not have to replace the whole lockset. Thanks Andre!kole locksmith indy

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